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Deliver fuel safely, ethically, efficiently, and respectfully.

We aim to create the best fuel-hauling experience for our employees, customers, and communities.

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Wynstar’s history, growth, and future lie in the strength of our foundation structured by my late father, David Vandercar, who began Wynstar on a shoe-string budget, with two tractor-trailers and four drivers. My father ensured the pillar of Wynstar’s strength was forever engrained in integrity and safety. He created our motto: Profit follows safety. With his grit, integrity and safety mindset, and creative thinking Wynstar survived the recession of 2008 and has experienced slow, steady, and sustained growth.

Profit follows safety.



We are personally & professionally committed to protecting the health & safety of our employees, contractors, customers, and communities where we serve.

We're proud to fuel our communities and customers.

our values

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Profit Follows Safety

We care about protecting our employees’ health and the safety of our communities.

Environmental Stewards

We responsibly operate our business to protect the environment.

High Ethics and Integrity

Wynstar is built on integrity

Community Partners

We build stronger communities by developing relationships with our customers.

Customer-Driven Excellence

We pay close attention to the voice of our customers and are sensitive to customers’ changing requirements, retention, and engagement.

Results Focused

We are a passionate, diverse group of individuals working together to achieve results through an inclusive, diverse, collaborative team culture.

As a profit follows safety company, we help contribute to keep the world fueled!

Learn what steps we took to ensure safety during the pandemic.

Learn more about our new building and creating a more effective fuel transportation future for Wynstar.

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Learn more how we are helping our younger generation in creating a better future.

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