Deliver Fuel Safely


Once hired, Wynstar drivers go through extensive training consisting of instructional videos, written training, and exams. Drivers must pass a drug and alcohol examination as well as their DOT physical before stepping foot inside a tractor.

Supervised Training

For a minimum of at least 2 weeks before being allowed to go out on their own, all new drivers are trained by the best Wynstar managers and current drivers on certain topics:

  1. Handheld Technology Use and Trouble Shooting
  2. How to properly complete paperwork
  3. Customer Sites – locations, safety, and environmental concerns
  4. Diesel and Gas loading/unloading
  5. Rack Training loading our customers accounts
  6. Safety Meetings
  7. Marine vessel training
  8. Pre-and-Post Trip Inspections

Safety First

Communication always has been and always will be an integral part of risk management. Management and Operations are continuously communicating with our employees and customers as to the importance of safety and compliance. Our Safety meetings serve as a forum for such communication.

Wynstar provides continuous and ongoing safety improvement communication via several channels including on-site, video, email, memorandums, newsletter, texting, etc. We use a variety of strategies to ensure continuous improvement for all of our employees. It’s our belief continuous improvement in several areas improves our safety results. We remember our history, mindful of the present, and envision a successful future. We plan, implement, measure, and analyze our success and look for new ways to improve and maximize results. Our topics are wide ranging including: Communication,Continuous Improvement, Safety, Training and Regulations, etc. “Profit Follows Safety” is at the forefront of our strategies.