Hauling Experience

As you can expect, driving/delivering fuel is considered more dangerous than carrying loads of non-hazardous cargo. This means that Wynstar drivers must be equipped with their HAZMAT endorsement when applying for our jobs driving and handling fuel. We also want our drivers to have their tanker endorsement as well.

Many people think that trucking is just a job that requires driving skills, and do not consider how your personality or leadership skills might come into play. Here at Wynstar, we look for leadership in our drivers due to the sometimes-harsh conditions and dangerous tasks this job requires.

Wynstar qualifications for fuel transporter careers:

  1. Driver to be at least 23 years old
  2. Two years minimum OTR experience
  3. Valid CDL
  4. Hazmat & Tanker endorsements
  5. Clean driving record
  6. Physically capable to get the job done
  7. Pass the DOT physical and stay up-to-dates

Wynstar fuel transporter responsibilities:

  1. Shifts ranging from 40 to a maximum of 70 hours per week
  2. Lift heavy weight
  3. May have to work night or weekend shifts – our need for fuel never takes a break!
  4. May have to work holidays
  5. May have to work a 6th day
  6. Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspection
  7. Follow strict safety and driving guidelines
  8. Maintain a clean driving record