Wynstar's History & Purpose

Wynstar Inc. was founded in northwest Indiana on June 8, 2001 by David (Dave) Vandercar. When deciding on a name, the name, “Wynn” has had a history in the Vandercar family. Wynn was Dave’s grandfather’s first name, and Dave’s middle name. Sandy, Dave’s wife, suggested building on the name, “Wynn” by adding the word, “star.” Thus, “Wynstar” was founded.

The Company was initially a home-based business operating two tractor trailers and employing four drivers. Due to the service, dedication, and work ethic of this initial group of individuals, Wynstar developed a strong foundation enabling the Company to grow to its current size and position. Wynstar’s growth is the direct result of a commitment to safety and the mutual team goal to succeed. Dave established Wynstar’s moto: “Profit Follows Safety.” David Vandercar remained the President of Wynstar until his long battle with kidney cancer took his life on August 28, 2018. His son Adam Vandercar stepped in during his father’s illness and became Wynstar’s President in 2018.

(David Vandercar – 2018)

Keeping “Profit Follows Safety “at the forefront, Adam has strategically structured Wynstar for steady growth and expansion. From the beginning, dedicated people, teamwork, and a commitment to outstanding customer service have remained Wynstar’ s trademark. Adam believes effective communication is essential to success in all areas of life. Wynstar is on a continual journey of mastering effective communication to achieve better employee engagement, mitigate conflict, trust building, and solving problems.

Wynstar employees an average of 40 Transport Drivers, who deliver fuel throughout Indiana, northeastern Illinois, and southwest Michigan. Wynstar routinely provides in-person and online training to its fleet of professional drivers.

Adam’s sense of ethics, his belief in doing what’s right, and conducting business affairs with the utmost integrity provides Wynstar’s guidelines. Each employee is encouraged and expected to conduct themselves in a lawful, ethical manner with the highest degree of integrity. These principles are key to our continued, ongoing success. Adam maintains an open-door policy encouraging employees to share their concerns and suggestions. Wynstar’s greatest improvements and successes were achieved through employee suggestions and involvement.

Adam continues with a safety mindset and his eye on the future.