Deliver fuel safely, ethically, efficiently, and respectfully.

We aim to create the best fuel-hauling experience for our employees, customers, and communities.

About Our Journey

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Wynstar's Foundation

Wynstar continues to operate and grow with that same grit, determination, and courage to break through barriers of fear. Our success and growth are a direct result of Wynstar’s objective to deliver fuel safely, responsibly, innovatively, and in alignment with employee, customer, and community values. Our ambition for the future is to grow by expanding our customer reach by working together to achieve results through an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative team culture and by investing in safety, talent, and resources. Our employees, customers, and communities play vital roles in our success and fueling our business growth.
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We stand with our team

We are proud of our employee selection process. We endeavor to hire the best of the best. We provide each employee the training and work environment necessary for success. As a result, our employees are truly professionals. We are in a continual process of building and improving our employee onboarding, training, and engagement.
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Our appreciation for customers

Our customers are the fuel of our business. We know they serve as ambassadors who share their Wynstar experience and recommend our business to others. Our employees are encouraged to be engaging with customers in real-time. We desire our customers to be so delighted with our service, they go out of their way to provide positive reviews and encourage others to choose Wynstar as their fuel hauler of choice.
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Community Driven

Our surrounding communities trust Wynstar to employ the best drivers, purchase and maintain quality equipment, and deliver fuel safely. We understand the importance of corporate social and environmental responsibility and accountability. Our aim is to continually contribute to our growth in a corporate culture of concern for our communities in all we do.
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Fueling America Since 2001

The Wynstar Difference

Our core values at Wynstar

We appreciate our employees

We want our employees to be successful and live fulfilling lives with a balance of work and family.

We hire the best

We have a “grow or go” philosophy. We hire the best drivers whose principles align with our core values.

Ongoing training and development

Wynstar is the most thriving organization in the Midwest. We want our employees to be life-long learners.

Continuous learning opportunity

We provide our employees with opportunities to grow professionally and personally throughout their Wynstar career.

Best driver benefits in the industry

We provide medical plans, dental and vision, short-term disability, life insurance, and the opportunity to earn quarterly bonuses.

Great work environment

We take pride in ensuring we have a place you can feel safe and enjoy going to.

Contact Us

We are open Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM (CT). If you have any questions please call our office number.

+1 (219) 764-7021

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