#1 We Appreciate Our Employees

We want our employees to be successful and live fulfilling lives with a balance of work and family.  When our employees are living well balanced lives, our customers, their employees, and our team, are living their best lives.  Most of our drivers do work 6 days per week.  However, when time off is requested in advance, it is often approved.

#2 We Hire The Best

We have a “grow or go” philosophy. We hire the best drivers whose principles align with our core values.

#3 Ongoing Training and Development

Wynstar is the most thriving organization in the Midwest.  We want our employees to be life-long learners.  We provide our employees with opportunities to grow professionally and personally throughout their Wynstar career.  We do this through our training, newsletter, and our efforts to continually improve our communications.

#4 We Offer The Best Driver Benefits

  1. Medical plan
  2. Dental and Vision
  3. Short-Term Disability
  4. Paid Vacations
  5. Life Insurance
  6. Opportunity to Earn Quarterly Bonus and Annual Super Bonus